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Mining, Logging

& Other Workplace Injuries in West Virginia

Jobs with an element of danger are commonplace, even in today’s world. However, mining and logging accidents can occur especially often because of the dangerous nature of the trade. Because of our extensive experience and knowledge of the coal and logging industry in West Virginia, we can provide comprehensive legal services to those injured in work-related incidents.


Legal Services for Workers

Injured in Coal Mining & Logging Accidents

At Lusk, Bradford & Gray, PLLC in Beckley, WV, we handle every aspect of your case, including compensation and personal injury claims for victims of underground and surface coal mining accidents, as well as logging accidents. We always go the extra mile to ensure that every detail is presented clearly and effectively to provide you with the best chance to win your case. We provide exemplary legal services for all types of coal mine and logging accidents, including:


Electrical Mishaps
Equipment Mishaps
Cave-In Accidents

Trucking Accidents
Defective Equipment
Unsafe Working Conditions

Get the Compensation You Deserve

with Lusk & Bradford

In the state of West Virginia, employers who are insured by the state’s workers compensation program must provide you with medical care and disability payments regardless of who is at fault. However, these benefits will not cover everything, as they are limited to two-thirds of your wages – plus, you will not be provided damages for pain and suffering. However, with the right representation, you have the chance to receive everything you’re entitled to. At Lusk & Bradford, we work tirelessly for our clients. If you have been injured during a coal mining or logging accident, contact our office in Beckley, WV, today! We can help get the compensation that you are entitled to.

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Proudly Serving Workers

in Southern West Virginia

Conveniently located in Raleigh County, WV, Lusk, Bradford & Gray, PLLC serve a wide area in southern West Virginia. We proudly provide residents throughout the region with reliable legal services from an experienced staff, so call our office today if you believe you are in need of a lawyer. We serve all of the following locations: