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Criminal Defense Attorneys in Beckley, WV

Federal, State, and Local Crime Laws and Punishments

Find criminal defense attorneys in Beckley, WV, at Bradford & Gray, PLLC. Courts separate criminal law by levels of the government that enforces the laws, which include federal, state, and local levels. The penal codes make up a system of laws that define crime and how to prosecute someone who commits one. Those who violate these laws face a myriad of different punishments that range from fines to probation to incarceration.

Prosecuting attorneys will act on the behalf of the government to bring charges against someone accused of committing a crime. The defense attorney, however, is responsible for protecting the rights and interests of their client during a criminal case. Call (304) 255-5628 or contact Bradford & Gray, PLLC in Beckley, WV, for comprehensive and trustworthy services.

Bradford & Gray, PLLC: Counsel for Criminal Cases in Beckley, WV

Whether you face reckless driving, DUI, robbery, assault, or even murder charges, call Bradford & Gray in Beckley, WV. You have rights, and hiring an experienced lawyer is the best way to ensure that those rights stay protected. Regardless of the charges, we will fight for our clients both in and out of court. We offer legal counsel for many types of criminal defense cases, including:



Breaking And Entering




Motor-Vehicle Theft


Reckless Driving


White Collar Crimes

And More

Criminal Defense Attorney Services in Southern West Virginia

Bradford & Gray is a well-respected legal practice in Beckley, WV. While we proudly serve our local community, we also represent clients throughout southern West Virginia. When you need a criminal defense attorney who will fight for your rights, call Bradford & Gray. We proudly serve clients from all of the following locations:

Call Bradford & Gray, PLLC Attorneys at Law in Beckley, WV, to find criminal defense attorneys.