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Child Support Laws

in West Virginia

In the event of a divorce of a couple who have a child or multiple children together, West Virginia courts must place the well-being of said children over every other aspect of the case. This includes child support, which is the monetary support that a parent is ordered to provide his or her child to sustain a stable lifestyle. Child support can also be court-ordered for parents who have never married and do not share equal custody of their child. To find out more about child support or alimony laws in West Virginia, contact Lusk, Bradford & Gray, PLLC in Beckley, WV. We can give you the expertise and support you need!

How Child Support is Calculated

in West Virginia

An income-shares model is used in the state of West Virginia to calculate child support. The purpose of this guide is to allow the child to have the same level of support he or she would receive if no divorce or separation had taken place. The court will combine both parents’ incomes and divide the basic support obligation, including work-related child care expenses, health insurance, and other adjustments to the support baseline.

However, for cases involving shared physical custody where each parent has custody over the child for at least 127 days in a year, child support calculations are changed. For more information about the way that child support is calculated in West Virginia, call the knowledgeable attorneys at the law firm of Lusk, Bradford & Gray at (304) 255-5628 today.

Child Support

Modification Laws & Circumstances

Child support orders can be modified by a court in West Virginia in certain circumstances. Significant changes, such as a change in custody, a parent’s employment status or income, and other changes are a few examples. In fact, courts regularly pass period increases in the original support agreement to cover expected costs of living changes to prevent frequent trips to court.

Enforcement of Child Support

in the State of West Virginia

Child support is enforced by the court in West Virginia, and a parent ordered to pay child support must provide these payments. However, in the state of West Virginia, courts have implemented an amnesty program that allows a parent to pay large amounts of child support that are past-due if the other parent agrees to waive all or some interest. However, interest is reinstated if the parent does not pay the owed child support within 24 months.

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